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It’s what separates the wheat from the chaff.

The TRU-LOKLight Screen System is the only engineered product that mounts to nearly every brand of safety light curtain manufactured today. The extruded aluminum guard encompasses three sides of the light screen protecting it from impact while the replaceable polycarbonate lens seals and shelters the face from weld spray, coolant and airborne abrasives. TRU-LOK™ products are designed to be corrosion resistant and require no paint in addition to being 100 percent recyclable.

TRU-LOK™ components are made of high quality, treated extruded aluminum and high impact glass filled plastics. The components are strong and robust, preassembled and are a fraction of the weight of typical weld fabricated components. This allows ease of installation as well as reduced shipping and handling costs.  

TRU-LOK™ extrusions and brackets provide unequaled flexibility allowing for integrated mounts for sensors, cameras, palm buttons and fencing into all exterior surfaces of the posts and guards. The tension LOK mechanism used with TRU-LOK™ brackets lock and square components without imparting burrs or distortion that other extruded constructed “T-nuts” produce. All fasteners are readily available world wide. Any piece of ½” or 12mm round stock can be tapped and used as a nut to mount peripherals in the field. These features make TRU-LOK™ the clear choice for applications where small or frequent adjustments are required.

TRU-LOK™ components are engineered to provide the highest quality, integrity and flexibility at the lowest cost for all your safety equipment mounting requirements. Contact us today for recommendations and solutions to your safety component issues using the TRU-LOK™ Light Screen System.