tru-lok vs. the competition

TRU-LOK vs. NAAMS Light Screen Stand Comparison

Universal Left/right sides are not interchangeable
1 person set up and adjust 2-person set up
Pinnable to prevent motion and still reusable Often welded to prevent motion then scrapped
Non-marring Tension-Lok joints makes micro adjustments easy & smooth Locking screws dent & mar mating parts making small adjustments difficult
Angular built in 30-degree pivot stops make set-up faster No fixed center points or stops
Dowelled pivot for smooth concentric angular adjustment Burn-out pivots not concentric or consistent between manufacturers
Horizontal low base can get within 50mm of floor 150mm closest to floor
Horizontal stand base cap makes built in top for fast set up of 200mm off floor No built in stop
Cables dress in extrusion clips Cables dress with zip ties
Impressive finished look at point of customer buy-off Cut, weld and paint (heat & beat) look
2-Steps to manufacture: cut, assemble 7-Steps to manufacture & assemble: cut, machine, weld, blast, prime, paint, assemble
Self-threading and slot retained fasteners make field modifications fast & easy Steps to modify all of above
Integrated guard & shield provides max light screen protection Optional guards, no shield option
Comes assembled Usually comes in pieces
75% lighter=75% shipping cost savings 75% heavier=75% added shipping cost
Can ship UPS Ship truck only
Weight comparison with guard:
Angular 18lb, Vertical 15lb, Horizontal 15lb
Weight comparison with guard
Angular 67lb, Vertical 67lb, Horizontal 70lb
Standard brackets for NAAMS & swivel switch mounts available Weld or drill & tap for additional sensor mount in field
Greener, less raw material, 100% recyclable