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Good News Travels Fast...

Easom Automation Systems recently utilized your Tru-Lok light screen holders in one of our Turntable/Trunnion Welding Cells. By combining the angular and horizontal mounting onto one leg we were able to obtain significant cost savings compared to traditional fabricated stands. Additionally, more loading space is made available to the operator. Further, we did not need to paint or assemble the Tru-Lok units saving us shop time. The finished look of the product enhanced our presentation at buyoff, our customer even asked us for our source for the product.  As has often been our experience, Tru-Lok has provided us with an excellent product with an overall cost saving. We appreciate your efforts!

Bruce Giezentanner
Easom Automations Systems

Weldmation recently used over 200 of the Tru-Lok light screen holders on a robotic welding line for Cummins Emissions. The Tru- Lok product offered superior protection for the light screens compared to any fabricated covers used in previous applications here at Weldmation. Mounting with the self drilling screws provided ease of installation as well as quickness. The finished appearance of the installed Tru-Lok product was also far superior looking compared to bent and painted sheet metal.

The best part of our first Tru-Lok experience was the cost savings. Between the lower product cost and the time saved on installation of the Tru-Lok product, the savings was quite substantial over using traditional fabricated holders.

Weldmation certainly benefitted from the better looking, superior protecting product, at lower cost from Tru-Lok.


James L. Rodgers
Account Manager
Weldmation Inc.