tru-lok components

TRU-LOK Offers Cost Savings with Standard Assemblies

  • Lower initial cost.
  • No assembly time required.
  • One person set up. Tension lock joints for easy micro adjustment.
  • One person can easily carry a pair to a site to install.
  • 75% lower shipping cost/weight.
  • UPS shipment available.
  • Multi-purpose: light screen, sensors and switches mount to the same post with standard brackets.



  • Tru-Lok run bar stands are available with any of (3) bases: Bolt down plastic, portable plastic for tabletop applications or portable/bolt down steel.
  • Tru-Lok’s non-marring tension-Lok height adjustment keeps repeated height adjustments smooth.
  • Fits any run bar brand.
  • Cables dress thru extension out hole in portable bases.
  • Provides finished look at operator interface station.



  • Low cost, durable, extremely flexible method for mounting prox, laser, vision, cameras, mirrors, etc. Customise, field modifiable.
  • Very high rigidity provided by tension-Lok joints.
  • Cable dress in extrusion with clips.
  • Easily field modified on any axis without construction of new stand.


Click HERE for TRU-LOK Mounting & Connecting Bracket Data